Data Governance for your Payroll/HR

At Optina, we understand the data that drives your company. The reports you review, the analytics you employ and the people who make you better all depend on a clean, accurate data source.

Made for HCM Perfectionists

Have you ever run two different reports that should match… but don’t? 

Bad HCM data keeps HRIS, HR Managers, and Payroll Administrators up at night, but DataGlyphic can help with its easy-to-read data diagnostic reporting. 


DataGlyphic analyzes your payroll/HR data with hundreds of individual tests to verify your process integrity.

Easy Reporting

The DataGlyphic interface allows you to interact with easy-to-read, customizable reporting

Solution Strategies

Between your team and ours, we have the resources to quickly resolve pending issues

Dashboard Your Database Errors before you Dashboard Your Data

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