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Client Case Study – CHS (100,000+ employees)

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The Opportunity

Community Health Systems, Inc. (CHS), a Fortune 100 Company, is one of the nation’s leading operators of general acute care hospitals. The organization’s affiliates own, operate or lease 159 hospitals in 22 states with approximately 27,000 licensed beds.CHS Map

CHS utilized Ultimate Software for Human Capital Management (HCM). Ultimate Software is one of the leading HCM providers in the market today. By their own definition, Ultimate’s “mission is to deliver unified, end-to-end HCM cloud solutions—everything from HR, to payroll, to benefits, to time & attendance, to recruitment, to talent management.”

With over 1CHS Hospital00,000 employees, CHS is one of Ultimate Software’s largest and premier customers.  In 2015, CHS began to expand their affiliate network through a series of very large acquisitions. CHS turned to Optina to navigate the complex process of onboarding 40 new health care facilities.

At a high level, the services CHS required of Optina included the following:

Site Analysis  →  Data Profiling  →  Configuration  →  Data Extraction  →  Data Conversion  →  Systems Integration  →  Comprehensive Quality Review

The Value Proposition

During both “Acquisitions” and “New Implementations”, every organization has to manage the delicate balance required to successfully direct the critical onboarding process. Like orchestrating a host of differing instruments, harmony among the varying project factors of quality, accuracy, efficiency, cost and time-to-live requires an experienced and effective conductor. Optina provided this balance as strategic partners to CHS.


 The Process

The first step in an optimal onboarding process is a thorough analysis of the people, processes and data needed to reach success. Optina then hit the ground running with what later proved to be an accurate and comprehensive “as-is” analysis. Every new affiliate was contacted and engaged in preparation for the transition to the CHS/Ultimate Software space. The various affiliates were using disparate payroll systems, HR processes, and organizational design, along with varying levels of HCM skill and experience. Optina was able to meet with each affiliate, evaluate where they stood, and move them forward through the process.

In addition to the tailored engagement and planning, Optina used its proprietary technology to weave a consistent and seamless experience for CHS.


The Technology

Optina’s technology included elements of Data-Driven Configuration, Extraction, Data Cleaning, Transformation, IntelliTax, Conversion and QA Reporting that all leveraged integrated and collaborative cloud-based technology.

This proprietary approach and technology from Optina is dramatic leap forward in the software implementation space. Optina’s tools allowed the CHS core team and their affiliates to actively and easily monitor, measure, interact, and successfully finalize this ambitious onboarding project.


The People

Ultimate Software works by the motto of “People First”. As a strategic and certified implementation partner with Ultimate, Optina thoroughly embraces the commitment to put people first in every client transaction, regardless of size. CHS was no exception.

With over 50 years of accumulated Industry and Ultimate experience, the Optina team was able to extract every possible usage of the extraordinary tools and processes it has developed. Our core team included an executive sponsor with 40 years experience in the HCM space, a Payroll lead with 25 years experience, 2 associate Payroll/HR functional resources, and 3 technical resources with over 30 years in the HCM/ Technology space. With the ability to put boots on the ground, the Optina team was able to deliver the kind of polished experience modern organizations expect from a Fortune 100 implementation partner.


Key Outcomes

Over a 15-month period, the Optina team delivered again and again. With several mid-year and end of year go-live milestones, Optina orchestrated a turnkey experience for CHS. Key outcomes included:

Empowered client to expand smoothly and effectively

On time 

On budget

Over 99.999% accuracy