Optina Glyph House

The HCM Cloud Data Warehouse

Gather, normalize and safely query against your data from anywhere. Whether you’re pulling from multiple data sources or just need our team to provide raw or simplified datasets, the people at Optina will do the work for you and provide you with an out of the box, online data warehouse. 

Business Intelligence Done for You!

The team at Optina understands your payroll and HR software. Not only will we provide a safe environment for you to access regularly refreshed source data, but you get a working toolset with built in, BI reporting from day one. 

Your Data Online and Easy to Understand

Cloud Data Warehouse

With our Glyph Cloud software, provide a virtual online data warehouse that is safe, secure and available from anywhere

Secure Profiles

Manage who has access to your data, and how much access based on online Optina profiles


Optina delivers out-of-the-box  analytics, so you can begin tracking things like employee retention from day one

BI Reporting

Begin accessing custom reports from day one. Then, use your tools: Tableau, Qlik or Microsoft Power BI 


GlyphBoard is just one of the DataGlyphic packages that is included with Optina’s data warehouse 

Data Integrity

Not only do we give your data back to you, but DataGlyphic software checks and reports over 200 common data issues 

ETL Services

Our team has decades of experience in HCM, HR and payroll mergers and acquisitions 

Support that Matters

With every online data warehouse comes a dedicated support team, ready to help build your working data mart

Quality Data Integrity Engine

Reporting and analytics in any data mart is only as good as the data. As you search for accurate reports concerning employee retention, demographics, payroll errors, job history or benefit enrollment, Optina is scouring your online data to make sure your warehouse offers the best possible data. See how in the video below or talk to a representative.  

What Our Customers Are Saying

GlyphBoard has brought metrics and data interpretation to my fingertips

– Christine Wzorek from the Four Food Groups


Our Technology

Understanding the source 

  • Cloud Data Warehouse
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Payroll, HR and HCM systems
  • Normalize NoSQL
  • Other Data Services

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